Chorus is a prospective concept awarded with the « visionary track » by INTEL in 2014.


The concept: A digital system that visualizes an individual’s emotions without violating their private life.


Chorus is a device that detects and shares your emotional state with you. Chorus is placed on your forehead, analyzing your brainwaves and heart rate. The device analyzes the data and indicates your main emotional state via a light signal. The data collected is displayed on a digital platform allowing the user to observe the evolution of his or her emotional state in a respectful way.


The purpose of this concept is to promote understanding of social interactions, contextualize emotional states and eventually to offer a non-aggressive way to visualize sensitive data.

The choose of the emotions is based on the « Plutchik’s wheel of emotions ».


There is no social intelligence without empathy

In the 21st century, we have access to all kinds of information but have simultaneously emotionally distanced ourselves from that information and, as a result, our fellow human beings. From this perspective, it is necessary to improve our emotional intelligence, as individuals and as a group, in order to favor empathy. There is no social intelligence without empathy. The upkeep and growth of our society as a whole requires it.


Visualizing our everyday feelings will enable major changes to occur in sectors where social interactions are primordial. A teacher will immediately see when his class is bored, and he will also get a glimpse into how his students build relationships as a group. A hospital staffer could manage her patients’ wellness both physically and emotionally.


Each emotion corresponds to a particular color. The more quantity of the color, the more of the emotion was present during the day.

Data visualisation for one week. We can appreciate a color spectrum for each cercle which indicate from the bottom to the top the intensity of the emotion through the journey.


Data visualisation of a month

Eventually the user will be able to browse and search for accurate answers through all his emotional data.



  • Concept, Direction and Production: Oscar Mantilla, Gauthier Roussilhe
  • Art direction: Oscar Mantilla
  • Data design and Motion Graphics: Oscar Mantilla
  • Engineer: Yacine Remini
  • Photography: Ghislain Mirat
  • Styling: Cae
  • Model: Iris Johner

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