Circular Value


A creative adventure with over 60 animated videos. An educational journey free and available to everyone online.

Circular Value is a MOOC about circular economy processes. It shares the expertise and knowledge of recycling pioneers and attempts to accelerate a more than necessary transition to a waste-free economy.


The startup Laetsmind gave us complete freedom to create the visual identity and the animations to bring to life this educational series. From concept, shooting, directing, illustration, motion graphics, composing and producing, we managed to create and delivered over 60 educational videos, with a high quality treatment never seen before for this kind of new media.

Une aventure créative qui comprend plus de 60 vidéos d’animation. Une vraie expérience éducative gratuite et accessible en ligne.

Circular Value est un MOOC qui présente les processus ef les fonctionnement de l’économie circulaire. Cette série partage l’expertise et les connaissances de pionniers du recyclage et qui souhaite aider à créer une transition plus que nécessaire vers une économie sans déchets.


La startup Laetsmind a donné à notre équipe la liberté absolute de création visuelle pour donner vie à cette série éducative. Du concept, tournage, illustration, animation, composition musical et production, nous avons réussi à créer et à livrer plus de 60 vidéos éducatives, avec un traitement de haute qualité jamais vu auparavant pour ce genre de nouveaux médias.


A high quality tv series treatment.


I used some of the structural parts of a tv show like the bumper, the speaker’s presentation, highlighting the main speaker gestures and the outro to create a remarkable and memorable identity for the mooc.

Giving a nice and well worked introduction to the speaker’s presentation and the topic, we created one of the most recognizable sections of the series.


Every single illustration was created and customized for each of the 60 individual scripts. We found the perfect balance between first degree information and second degree information.

This space was specifically conceived to foster the students to share their knowledge on the forums and to strengthen the transmission of important links and informations.



For this edition we developed new high quality design systems and a very effective workflow. This innovative techniques allowed us to create more than 58 videos, more than 128 individual animations that once combined can conceive more than 16 384 new illustrations.



  • Client: Circular value
  • Concept, Direction & Production: Oscar Mantilla, Gauthier Roussilhe
  • Art direction: Oscar Mantilla
  • Illustration: Pat Grivet (hellopoyt)
  • Motion graphics: Oscar Mantilla, Gauthier Roussilhe
  • Additional animation: Valentin Nouvel
  • Music and sound design: Studio KORD
  • Makeup: Joannah Dauche

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