Serendipity Door V2

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Serendipity door is an interactive installation that brings you into the dark web.

Created for the TEDGlobal annual 2015 conference at Geneva. Me and my team has created this interactive door called “Serendipity Door.” This installation has the ability to randomly connect the people to the dark web content. The installation reinterprets the dark web for materialising virtual landscapes of the hidden internet world.

Serendipity door est une installation interactive qui vous amène dans le monde caché du dark web.

Créé en 2015 pour la conférence annuelle du TEDGlobal edition Genève. Mon équipe et moi avons créé cette porte connectée nommée « Serendipity Door ». Cette installation a la possibilité de connecter les gens à des contenus random du dark web. L’installation réinterprète le dark web pour matérialiser les paysages les plus sombres et les plus lumineux du monde caché de l’internet.


The deep web is a virtual space where the worst intentions stand alongside the best intentions.

Serendipity door itself does not defend any one point of view, in order to allow the door-opener to make up his or her own mind as they browse through its various and potentially sensitive content.

Social spaces at TEDGlobal Geneva - December 8, 2015, B‰timent des Forces Motrices, Geneva, Switzerland. Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED

In a sense, the door is the embodiment of a physical interaction that allows us to reflect on virtual spaces and our use of them.



  • Client: TEDGlobal
  • Concept and direction: Oscar Mantilla, Gauthier Roussilhe
  • Art direction: Oscar Mantilla
  • Content animation: Oscar Mantilla, Gauthier Roussilhe
  • Support and form création: Oscar Mantilla
  • Technical director: Thomas Bohl
  • Photography : James Duncan Davidson/TEDGlobal

Special thanks to Fatiha Hajjat, Bruno Giussani, Deborah Mattatia and Wecomeinpeace

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